May 17, 2017

Advanced Services

Our state of the art surgery center and advanced, specialized training allow the experienced veterinarians at Alpine to perform today’s most advanced surgeries & procedures safely and efficiently. We are one of only a handful of animal hospitals in Idaho offering TPLO surgery to repair severe knee injuries in dogs–and the only ones in Pocatello.   When a valuable, training hunting or service dog tears an ACL, this innovative replacement procedure can put your best friend back on his feet, at full strength, in about 3 months.

For older pets struggling with hip pain and mobility issues, revolutionary Stem Cell Therapy can literally regenerate years of declining tissue, and seemingly make miracles happen. Learn more about our Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy and the remarkable results it has provided for local patients here. We’ve made a huge difference in quality of life right here in East Idaho for dozens of older dogs and cats. The results are substantial and long lasting.

These are just some of the advanced veterinary services Alpine offers. We provide excellent surgical facilities and orthopedic care. Learn more here.