Discount Exams for Older Pets

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Cold weather is tough on your pets, especially as they age.

Aging, elderly dogs and cats (7 years old or older) often see joint and muscle stiffness just like their human counterparts, and it gets more pronounced with every passing year.   Some dogs and cats will develop true arthritis which can become quite painful and significantly reduce mobility and quality of life.      This all gets even worse in the colder months of the year.

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Save 10% on Senior Pet Exams Thru End of The Year

Now through December 31, 2017, the care team at Alpine Animal Hospital would love to help you make sure your older pets are as comfortable as possible going into winter.   We are offering 10% off exams and arthritis evaluations for all pets aged 7 years or older.

Get Answers and Insights

Bring your long time companions in for a full health screening and arthritis exam and save thru the end of the year.    We can discuss care, exercise, nutrition and treatment options that can make like significantly better and less painful for them.

Our innovative Stem Cell Therapy Treatment can provide spectacular pain relief in many pets’ cases.  Learn more here.

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