Dogs and Fireworks

Great Article on Helping Your Dog Cope with Summer Noise

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Pets and fireworks can be a bad combination.   With the Fourth of July upon us, pay extra attention to your dogs, and even your cats.   The loud noises of summer fun–especially fireworks–can be extra stressful on pets, even as they entertain us.    Watch your animals for signs of distress and anxiety, comfort them, make sure they know you’re there, and give them refuge in quiet areas away from the excitement and loud noises that mark summer celebrations.

For more tips or advice on helping your pet cope with summer noise and excitement, please don’t hesitate to call us here at Alpine Animal Hospital — 208 237-1111.

One reaction pets can have is to bolt from the perceived threat of loud noises.   Make sure your pets have proper ID and contact tags on their collars, and are microchipped for identifcation if they end up in a shelter.    A lost pet can ruin a family holiday.    A scared pet may run away and proper ID will help you get it back much faster when people find him.

Have a safe, happy, and pet-friendly 4th!