Equine Dentals

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Save on Equine Dentals in September and October

All September and October, Alpine Animal Hospital is offering special pricing on Equine Dentals — full exams and equine dental float procedures.

Call large animal Vet Dr. Seth Lundquist and get 10% off your next Equine Dental now through October 31, 2017.

Dr. Lundquist has tremendous experience with horses and all kinds of large animals.   Join our client list and see why Alpine Animal Hospital was voted #1 Veterinary Clinic in Pocatello in this year’s Reader’s Choice awards.

Equine Dentals and Dental Floats Help Maintain Your Horse’s Good Health

A dental float procedure provides better ability to chew, by leveling the teeth.

In our exam, we can assess the condition of your horses teeth, which tells us a great deal about the overall health of the animal. We can identify and treat potential areas of concern before they get critical. And making sure your horse has good dental health can improve their body condition.

Getting Necessary Nutrients

If they’re not chewing well, they’re likely not getting the full nutritional value of their feed, and that leads to weakened health in many areas.

For horses and all large animals, overall health starts with proper feeding, care and nutrition. We can help you make sure your horses are able to get the calories, vitamins and minerals they need by making sure they can chew effectively and efficiently without pain, poor teeth, or teeth with sharp edges that do not allow for proper grinding of food.

Dental Float treatments remove sharp edges and flatten teeth to make horses more comfortable while eating, and help them chew and digest their food properly.

Additional Services

If extractions are needed according to the in person exam, ask about discounts. We’ll design a custom dental treatment plan to bring your horse’s mouth into good condition.

Keeping teeth healthy is critical to keeping horses healthy overall.

Call Dr. Seth Lundquist — Large Animal Specialist — and schedule a dental exam and float for your horses. And save 10% now through October 31, 2017.

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