May 17, 2017


Exotic Pets

image of a chinchilla

Examing a cute Chinchilla at Alpine Animal Hospital

Reptiles, rodents, birds and more. People love exotic animals, but it can be very difficult to tell when they’re sick, and when they get sick, its often too late. Proper care and prevention is key to helping exotic pets live a long, healthy life.

Reptiles, birds and many other species don’t readily show signs of illness–often until its too late. Like other pets, an annual exam by a trained veterinarian can help prevent small problems from becoming big problems.

Dr. Steve Haymore at Alpine has extensive experience with many kinds of exotic pets. You can contact him to learn about the optimal set up and care program for your exotic pet. A well set up and maintained habitat will prevent many potential health problems down the road.

If you sense something “just isn’t right” with your exotic pet, chances are the experienced staff at Alpine Animal Hospital can help make things right.

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