Small Animal

Cat Boarding
Small Dog Boarding 
Small Animal Boarding
Runs available for large dogs over 30 pounds
Stainless steel cages for dogs under 30 pounds and a separate room for cats
Cages and kennels are cleaned at least twice daily.  Your dogs are also walked
twice daily and cats are allowed to spend time out of their kennel in our exercise room
Food is provided unless your pet is on a special diet
Bedding is provided
Animals on medication will be treated to help them stay on their dosing regime
Small Animal Dentistry
Annual teeth cleaning
Dental extractions
Annual oral exams
Preventative dental home care

Small Animal Orthopedic Surgeries
Internal Fixation of Fractures
External Fixation of Fractures
Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy
Fracture management, bone grafting
Extra capsular stifle stabilization techniques

Underwater treadmill for physical therapy in dogs available in our clinic
SA Radiology 
Small Animal Digital Radiology and Ultrasonography
Soft tissue diagnostic aid
Bone injury and abnormality diagnosis
Aid in diagnosing pregnancy
  Diagnosing cardiac abnormalities 
Small Animal Soft Tissue SurgeriesSmall Animal Soft Tissue Surgeries
Elective Spays and Neuters
Mass removal
Laser surgery
Laser declaws
Internal surgery and many others