Large Animal

Equine Dentistry
Performance floats are available with rotary dental tools
Bit seats can be placed using the rotary dental tools.
Annual oral exams.
Wolf teeth extraction to prevent bit interference.
Malocclusion correction.
Equine General Surgery
Wound Exploration
Mass Removal
Laceration Repair
Abdominal Exploratory Surgery
Hernia Repair
Equine Lameness Diagnosis and Treatment
Lameness examinations
Digital Radiology
Perineural anesthesia (nerve blocks)
Joint injections, including stem cell therapy and platlet rich plasma injections
Angular limb deformities
Limb surgeries
Equine Preventative Medicine
Annual/Biannual Health Exams
Annual Blood Work
Equine Reproduction
Reproductive Exams
Stallion collection and semen shipment
Artificial insemination
Embryo transfer and shipment
Mare management
Stallion management
Equine Vaccination Recommendations
4-way or 5-way vaccination (Tetanus toxoid, EEE, WEE, influenze, rhinopneumonitis) *CORE VACCINE*
West Nile Virus *CORE VACCINE*
Streptococcus equi (strangles, distemper)
Potomac Horse Fever
Equine/Bovine Laser Surgery
Sarcoid Removal/Treatment
Mass Removal
Exciting new treatment option.
New technology for patients.
General Bovine Preventative Medicine and Reproduction
Vaccination protocols
Health certificates
Annual reproductive/pregnancy exams
Bull semen evaluation and trich testing