Mountain Lion Dental Work Complete

One of the most interesting parts of my job at Alpine Animal Hospital is our continuing role as veterinarians to the Pocatello Zoo.

Let me introduce you to a new friend–This growling mountain lion’s name is Missy.

Missy The Mountain Lion

MIssy is an 8 year old female upon whom I recently performed a routine exam, and as it turned out, some helpful dental work.


First we anesthetized her for a routine exam, blood work and dental exam. We ended up finding and extracting a bad tooth, an incisor, and did a full dental scaling and polish.

Mountain Lion Dental Work

Mountain Lion Dental Work–Dr. Steve Haymore, Alpine Animal Hospital for the Pocatello Zoo

She recovered perfectly and the word is she is acting better than before the procedure with that bad tooth being extracted.


The second mountain lion-the one with the paw on my shoulder-is a two and a half year old male named Sinbad.

Sinbad the Mountain Lion with Dr. Steve Haymore Pocatello Zoo

Sinbad the Mountain Lion with Dr. Steve Haymore


Again we performed a routine exam, blood work and dental. Sinbad was healthy as can be and did not need anything else done. Both are doing great.

MIssy the Mountain Lion

MIssy the Mountain Lion rests at The Pocatello Zoo

It was super exciting to work so closely on these magnificent big cats, and my fifth child was born that same evening. It was a pretty awesome day!

We did the spay and neuter procedures on both these big cats when they were both younger at Alpine Animal Hospital.

We always enjoy doing veterinary work on the diverse and spectacular animals that make up the Pocatello Zoo. Its a partnership we value highly and we’re glad Alpine Animal Hospital can help this great Pocatello destination.