May 17, 2017

Pet Dentist In Pocatello

Good pet dentistry and dental care for pets is a year round challenge. Call 237-1111 today to book your appointment.

Your pet’s dental health is a very important, and a very common source of problems.

Fortunately, its also easy to take care of, with professional, affordable pet dentistry from the veterinary team at Alpine Animal Hospital.

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Our trained staff performs professional exams, cleanings and dental health restoration procedures for dogs, cats, horses and other select species.

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When animal’s dental health deteriorates, lesions in the mouth and gums can become pathways for bacteria to enter the body. Dental problems can lead to infections affecting your pet’s heart, liver and kidneys.

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We encourage you to practice good dental health for your pet year round, and come in for professional treatment annually at Alpine.

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Here’s some more great info from the American Veterinary Medical Association.