December 27, 2017

Petly Plans Vet Care Packages

Annual pet care plans make great sense.

For one fixed monthly price, you’ll have regular, year round veterinary care

for your dog or cat, puppy or kitten, and spread out the cost over the entire year.


Plans start as low as $20 per month depending on age and type of pet.

image of vet techs and a dog

Alpine Animal Hospital is pleased to offer Petly Plans.


These are annual subscriptions for regular vet care that offer you year ’round care and flexible monthly pricing.

Pick Bronze, Silver or Gold plans depending on your needs and enjoy savings, predictable spending, and peace of mind knowing your annual Veterinary Care Plan is in place.

Call us at 208 237-1111 with any questions!

Click each title to see plan details and pricing.

Kitten Packages

Puppy Packages

Feline Packages

Canine Packages



Call 208 237-1111 with any questions.