May 17, 2017


Annual wellness exams, vaccinations, infections, wounds and injuries, dental work. From regular pet health care to today’s most advanced veterinary surgeries, the veterinarians at Pocatello’s Alpine Animal Hospital have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat your pet accurately and promptly.

Your pet has many needs from an annual wellness exam to regular dental exams and cleanings, parasite control, vaccinations, treatment of injuries and infections, or perhaps even a major surgery. Our dedicated care team is with you every step of the the way–getting to know you and your pet’s health from birth to old age. We are your partners in your pet’s good health for life.

Here are just a few of the Primary Veterinary Care Services and Conditions we treat at Alpine.

•    Allergies
•    Anal Glands
•    Boarding
•    Geriatric Care and Exams
•    Dentistry – Basic and Advanced Services Including exams, cleanings and extractions
•    Euthanasia

•    Fecal Testing
•    Health Certificates for Travel
•    Heartworm Prevention & Testing
•    In-House Laboratory & Bloodwork
•    In-House and Online Pharmacy
•    Internal Medicine
•    Intestinal Blockage
•    Laceration and Wound Repair
•    Laser Surgery
•    Pain Management

•    Parasite Prevention
•    Petly Online Your Pet Home Pages
•    Soft Tissue/ Skin Mass Removals
•    Spay and Neuter
•    Urinalysis
•    Vaccinations
•    X-ray